Why Nilfisk?

The Only Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning Solution in the Industry

One company, one solution for a safer, more productive work environment.

Nilfisk, Inc. is the only company in North America that provides cleaning equipment to cover your entire facility – floor to process area to ceiling.

With the equipment to solve any challenge, Nilfisk brings safety to your facility, and simplicity to your vendor management.

Application Expertise: Solve any cleaning challenge

Nilfisk offers a dedicated team, in the field, to help you solve any cleaning challenges—from cleaning a variety of floor types, to contamination control, to hazardous dust collection. Our experts help you maintain a safe working environment.

Partnership: A Consultative Approach to Build a Complete Solution

Nilfisk is the only cleaning equipment company to offer a complete consultative approach. We walk every customer through a comprehensive 4-step process.

Long-Term Partnership

A consultative approach to build a complete solution that fits your needs

1Site Assessments

  • Nilfisk sales teams visit each local facility 
  • Perform site assessments and evaluate current cleaning equipment
  • Report to corporate team

2Demo and Recommend Equipment

  • Demonstrate equipment at your facilities
  • Make formal recommendation for company-wide solution

3Quotation and Approval

  • Negotiate company-wide equipment rate
  • Manage orders site by site

4After-Sale Support

  • Set-up and install at each site
  • In-person training available for the life of the product
  • Ongoing 40-point preventative maintenance inspections